Painted Shepard Initiative

The world of Mass Effect has captured my heart and imagination more than any other franchise. I've played the trilogy twice over and I have enjoyed Andromeda! 


To commemorate this occasion I'm offering my commissionable skills to the Mass Effect Community. For a limited time I want to paint YOUR Shepard! Just follow the directions below and I'll send you an original, painted portrait in the mail!

Thank you!
I'm Commander Shepard and I approve this message.
Xbox Gamertag: CalamityXTJane


8x10 oil on paper or board
Head and shoulders and a simple background

2 week turnaround

18x24 oil on canvas
Head to thigh (3/4 size), detailed background

1 month turnaround


For all other requests, for example: Multiple Shepards, other franchise characters, or size changes please contact me for pricing.


Send 50% payment via Paypal Donate link to "Re-Fire". Balance due after final proof and before mailing.
Three photos from different angles and expressions (I'll send you my email after you make payment)
Choice with photo reference of desired Mass Effect uniform or casual outfit.
Choice with photo reference of desired background. 

Please allow for slight price fluctuations based on complexity of your design choices as well as production and shipping delays from workload.

Here, for example, is what I created for Ben.  He sent me three head shots, a costume shot and a Mass Effect screen shot.  What would YOUR Shep look like?

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