~C.S. Lewis is quoted as saying something like, "We do not have souls; we are souls that have bodies." Despite the fact that I can't prove that he said this, I believe it!  I paint souls!  I'm bored to tears painting anything else!!!  There is nothing like human flesh draped over bones, wrinkling is crevices, stretching over muscles, reflecting warmly off itself, planes of light melting into shadows, defining and confining the soul that dwells within!!

I've been painting since I was nine years old when my mother put a brush in my hand and said, "This is how you do it." I must have been a good listener. My career as a a painter has come in waves, however. It has taken me a lifetime, but I am now a full-time painter.

I work by commission as well as direct sales.  If you would like to visit my studio gallery located in my historic home in old South Saint Louis, Missouri, use the contact form to make arrangements.


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